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His paper 2 on supersymmetry and morse theory is obligatory reading for geometers interested in understanding modern quantum field theory. Some comments on the recent twistor space constructions, in complex manifold techniques in physics, d. A few more detailed topics are considered in the quantum case. This article consists of a very short introduction to classical and quantum information theory. In their original paper, they considered a bosonic theory of a gauge field and a real scalar valued in the adjoint representation. Edward witten school of natural sciences, institute for advanced study, olden lane, princeton, nj 08540, usa abstract.

Wittens output is remarkable both for its quantity and quality. Edward witten, arguably the leading string theorist, is also the. We are testing a new system for linking publications to authors. Cambridge university press 05257527 superstring theory. In the present paper, the object 1 will play no role, and we.

A10 1247 1995, hepth9409111 some comments on string dynamics. If you notice any inaccuracies, please sign in and mark papers as correct or incorrect matches. Here we elaborate on this idea and propose a precise correspondence between conformal field theory observables and those of supergravity. The ctheorem indicates that threedimensional pure gravity is consistent only at certain values of the coupling constant, and the relation to chernsimons gauge theory hints that these may be the values at which the dual cft can be holomorphically. Edward witten s work exhibits a unique combination of mathematical power and physics insight, and his contributions have significantly enriched both fields. Edward witten school of natural sciences institute for advanced.

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